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Has good graphics, but...

The flashing thing in the upper part of the start screen can give someone seizures.
Grammar was awful.

Fix those things and you can make a better movie!

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Too easy.

It's too easy and there's only one level.
Make more levels and other stuff and it will be better.

Easy to cheat.

You should make a sequel with better graphics.
It's easy to cheat in this game, right click the game with your mouse and click Forward, so you should fix that.

It's a good and addicting game, just fix the things above.

blasterfx5 responds:

Im working on it as we speak
but the graphics arent TOO much better, (i fail at graphics) and i don't know how to fix the cheat... but this one may be better, i am basing off your computer being hacked instead of random stuff!

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I was actually wondering where you disappeared some time ago after listening to Runaway and stalking your profile.

I love the sound that the kick + ride and bells create together at 00:30. However, just before it starts your sidechained plucky chord sound seems to cut off awkwardly. Really nice transition to the main melody. The "acid" lead sound is too agressive to my taste though, especially in this kind of song.

Like sharkpotato said, the vocal sample could use some variation in pitch. It would make it quite interesting. I liked the scratchy effect at 03:13, got a bit surprised there but it sounded really good. The ending disappointed me a bit with the sudden ending.

Overall every sound fit in the mix and mastering seemed pretty good. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole song.

Really nice dreamy feel.
The lead melody makes me feel good and somehow powerful for some reason.

The only thing that's bugging me is the mixing. The song sounds kind of too full while it should feel light and "floating" in my opinion.

1f1n1ty responds:

Haha thanks!

Well I wasn't going for a dreamy feel whoops XD I intentionally made the mix full because that's how I wanted the track to sound, I guess. But I might make a lighter, more floaty section when I possibly extend the track!




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